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Black + Brown Concert Series featuring Urban Pilón and Freedom Effect

BLACK + BROWN is a monthly programming series that explores how Afro-diasporic traditions and experimental ideas engender conviviality, multidisciplinary learning, and transcommunal engagement.

In the United Kingdom, the term off-license is used for shops that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed off premises. However, in the United States the term off-licence is used in Cameroonian communities (and other former British colonies) to indicate small, privately owned restaurants located in a family home. Of course, this idea is not limited to the Anglophone African diaspora; for example, in Cuba it is called paladar. Because these informal businesses are mostly frequented by diasporic citizens there is considerable effort made to produce ‘comfort experiences’ that remind patrons of home and/or childhood, including traditional food, beverages, and artistic production (e.g. music, video, and fashion). 

This month, Urban Pilón and Freedom Effect will explore this notion of the off-licence. Please join us for a unique, multi-sensory installation that will center on cuisine, music, and visual arts from the Caribbean and West Africa.

Urban Pilón
Established in 2012 by longtime friends and cultural workers Roberto Pérez and Angel Fuentes, Urban Pilón is a culinary brand committed to sharing knowledge about the great cuisine of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. From cooking demonstrations and classes to catering and blogging, Urban Pilón aims to offer healthy, unique, and innovative food alternatives. 

Freedom Effect
Founded in 2011, Freedom Effect began as an effort to support undocumented students from Humboldt Park interested in pursuing careers in the arts. Inspired by the calavera (sugar skull) aesthetic and experiences of struggle, which is symbolized by the gas mask, Freedom Effect seeks to remind the public that we must live in the ‘free-est’ and fullest of ways, beyond mere survival.

Admission is free. Refreshments will be served.


Hours: Tues and Fri, 12–7pm • Wed, Thur,  Sat, 12–10pm