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BCH @ BING: Featured Artist: Spike Lee

This month Black Cinema House @ BING presents Summer of Spike: Four feverish films by unrivaled cineaste Spike Lee.

Spike Lee consistently presents the most incendiary of subjects, and in this month’s mini-retrospective we look at films that carry particular heat. Summertime – in Brooklyn and beyond – is the backdrop for extreme states of joy and pain, for decadence and racial and gender violence. Enclosed spaces and insular communities push bodies and values to their breaking points, as characters are forced into uncomfortable introspection. The series ends with Lee’s anti-interracial romance film Jungle Fever, marking the film’s release 25 years ago in the summer of 1991, the so-called “Year of Black Film.”

July 28 – Jungle Fever (1991, 132 min)

Stevie Wonder’s peppy theme song amplifies Lee’s absurdist treatment of interracial love and effects of crack on Black urban families and communities.

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Ode to the City

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