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Coultrain and Mikel Patrick Avery

Each Wednesday evening, BING is proud to present hour long sets from both Mikel Patrick Avery and Coultrain as part of their residency.

Mikel offers an eclectic mix of percussion, piano, and performance art. He changes it up each week by focusing on different instrumentation and presentation, sometimes performing solo and sometimes collaborating with others.

Coultrain is a renowned composer and vocalist who offers soulful renditions of original material with a wide range of accompaniment. 

***This week, Coultrain will be joined by Takuya Nakamura. They'll be performing an experimental, jazz-based piece that will include synths, percussion and trumpet!***

Every week will be a unique experience, so drop by as often as you can. The first set generally begins at 7, with the second starting between 8 and 8:30.

Hours: Tues and Fri, 12–7pm • Wed, Thur,  Sat, 12–10pm