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Black Cinema House Presents: Ulysses Jenkins: This is Your Future: What do you want to say?

BCH's monthly film series resumes in April with featured artist Ulysses Jenkins. His films are presented every Thursday evening and will culminate with an appearance by Jenkins himself on the final Thursday of the month to discuss his work. Each Thursday will feature a different array of short films playing on a loop. If you arrive in the middle, it won't be long before they restart.

Ulysses Jenkins is a widely recognized video/performance artist whose work spans the last three decades. From his early verite work with the Video Venice Collective in the 1970s, through his current investigation of the media's portrayal of African American men, Jenkins has consistently interrogated questions of race, history and the power of the state. In works that explore issues such as the African diaspora and racism in the media, Jenkins provides important insights into the political and cultural realities of African American communities in the United States.

This week's films:

Dream City (1981, 5:21)

Ritual performance opening Rachel Rosenthal's Espace DbD. Critical examination of the beginning of the Reagan era, contextual issues of position, ambition and inhibitions of fear; plus rejection, acceptance and naivete about society are reflected in the ritual theme. Media time and cultural time are presented in conjunction with the subliminal commentary.


Inconsequential Doggereal (1981, 15:21)

The vertigo within this video presents contradictions which question issues surrounding compatibility, poetic lyricism and traditional intonations associated with normal television consumption. The elements comprised in this composition (sonorities, archetypes and symbols) stimulate that dormant unconscious to conflict the conscious mind. Awarded the NEA Fellow Award 1982-83.


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